How to Get Your Visitors to Return to Your Site

It’s well known that ‘content is king’ when it comes to the internet. By providing content on your site in a particular manner, you will encourage your readers to return for more. Here are a few types of content that you might want to try on your site to engage your visitors:

Educational articles: Everybody loves a ‘how to’ article. After all, the internet is operating around information – and what better information than the type that educates. Providing answers will build you some decent traffic numbers. Remember to add the ‘benefit’ of learning something to the title of the post. If I’d just used ‘How to Create Content’ as the title it would not have been so engaging as it is with a benefit in the title.

Tips: Tips are very popular on the web. Nuggets of information that give value by providing insight into the results of experience can save time and effort for readers. They’ll find tips in your niche a short-cut to success and will come back for more.

Lists: Readers find lists fascinating. Not only are they usually easy to read without a mass lump of text to plough through on a screen, they will usually cover the whole breath and length of a topic for a reader to get a ‘big picture’ high level view of a topic. Use bullets where possible.

Reporting. By providing a type of news service for your niche, your readers will thank you and keep coming back to check latest developments. This is how the Huffington Post has gained their success, think about how you can provide a news service with a particular angle.

Resources: Start off with a high level topic for your niche, break it down into small more manageable nuggets. Add to that mix a list of online resources and you’ll have on your hands something that could be shared online on Digg and other social bookmarking sites.

The types of content listed here, when used in combination could raise your credibility as an expert and your site will become a valuable part of the community.