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Why You Should Be Using Article Databases as a Promotion Tool?

Article databases are one of the best ways to promote your products or your services, even if they are location specific, you can still gain some traffic. They are so powerful, that internet marketers use them as one of their key promotion methods.

  • Distribution – Newsletter and website owners actively seek out content for their readers. If your content is a good read and provides useful and informative material, then you will earn your presence in newsletters, websites, and on social media as people reuse and share your advice. You will gain from the increased traffic as people click through to find out more information from your bio section.
  • Build links – The bio section provides an opportunity to use anchor text that links back to your website. You can use your site’s keywords to boost your SEO power and you will of course benefit from the clicks.
  • Credibility. Articles are a fantastic way to show that you know what you are talking about.
  • Free advertising. As people post and share your content, you will gain from the free advertising.
  • Income opportunity. If you really do know your stuff, then you could be hired by other companies in your niche to write for them. Another chance for profits on the table.
  • Relationship building. Trust is an important part of business, and by writing articles, you can allow people to get to know you better and gain more sales.

Remember to write articles using keywords so that they have more chance of being found by your target audience. Before you know it, you will have really increased the traffic and your reputation as an expert.

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5 Methods for Attracting Visitors to Your Website

People love to get something for nothing. Over the time that we’ve been in business at Bludelta, we’ve learnt and refined a variety of techniques to use to attract visitors to the sites that we look after. In addition to using these methods, we also spend time building links on relevant sites and use other marketing channels.

  • Free reports and white papers. Create a report on a niche topic and distribute the link over the web. You can add it to social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and relevant blog comments. Invite readers to sign up and download the white paper or report – this will build you email subscribers list at the same time.
  • Create a resource of information. This might contain ‘how to’ articles, links to relevant sites and information that will pique the interest of your target audience. The more extensive the resource, the more traffic you will attract, and it is likely that it will get distributed and shared for you.
  • Web seminars. Give people the opportunity to interact with an expert in their field by offering a live seminar online. You’ll also gain a captive audience to offer products at discount prices.
  • Forum. Forums are fantastic from an SEO point of view and as a powerful way to gain regular visitors. People will create new relationships and can discuss all areas of the topic. They’ll come back to see what’s new on a regular basis.
  • Provide a free tool. Create a tool that is relevant to your niche and you will earn yourself a steady stream of repeat visitors who will come back to use the tool. It’s also likely to be shared online for you – depending on how useful it is.
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Create Income Directly From Your Website

If there is anybody who is the ambassador of making money from a website – it has to be John Chow of He took his website from £0 to £30k a month in a matter of months. Investing time in a website should be in your financial favour just as long as you take advantage of the different ways that you can use your site to make you profits.

Advertising: Sites such as or can pay you in exchange for advertising space on your site. They will match relevant private advertisers with your content to bring your a profit, and hopefully new clients for the advertisers. Other sites you might want to try out are and Your main focus should be on providing value and benefit for your advertisers, not about getting their money. You will need to provide quality leads to retain your advertisers and their income.

Other advertising opportunities can be found at or even who can manage the billing, rotation and payments for your ad spots.

Membership site: If you are in a position to provide access to people or to content that cannot be found elsewhere on line, you should be charging for it. Welcome to the world of online membership sites. Http:// makes a mint everymonth from their membership site.

Affiliate products: Many site owners write review blog posts for merchants. Another way to make money from affiliate products is to advertise them in your own ad spots, so that visitors will click through to the merchants sales page.

Next steps. Browse through your site and consider potential ad space. To make the most of online revenue opportunities – be savvy and take action that will help you reach your financial goals.

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23 Marketing Channels for Selling Products Online

So you’ve decided that you want to sell products online. You’ve selected products, set up a website but are now at the stage where you are looking for marketing channels to promote your products. There are bucket loads of channels that you can use to market your products, whether they are affiliate products or even physical products.

Here’s a list of the most popular ones that are on the web. I suggest that you select a few that you fancy trying out and add them to your marketing plan. Assign a specific measurable goal on your plan too, for example, add 5 of your products to each channel. This will give you a clear idea whether the channel is suitable for promotion of a particular product. Once you find a channel that works for you – then you’ll need to scale up your efforts to make the best of it.

  • Social media – Facebook and Twitter via news feeds
  • Facebook – marketplace application
  • Auction sites such as – ebay,,
  • Pay per click advertising – such as adsense
  • email marketing or newsletter
  • ad in a printed trade industry publication
  • local newspaper- in classifieds or via regular column
  • blog posts
  • ebook giveaway
  • white paper
  • local event sponsorship
  • radio advert
  • television advertisment
  • online forums
  • squidoo
  • article marketing
  • search engine optimisation
  • free web seminars (advertise on Facebook)
  • online directories such as
  • relevant industry trade shows
  • google products
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist

There are plenty of other sites and methods that you can use to sell your goods. Many of the ones listed here are free – remember start small and once you find something that works, then build it up. Which ones do you use?

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