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How to Build Your Email List Subscribers

So, you’ve been putting in plenty of effort to build your content, market your site and pull in regular traffic. It’s time to collect email addresses now so that you’ll have your own captive audience to market to. Here are some of the methods that you might want to employ to convert visitors to subscribers:

Tempt with a discount: This works well with pulling in the Facebook crowd too. Offer your readers a 10% discount by signing up to your newsletter.

Free ebook. This technique is popular web-wide. Exchange a white paper or an ebook for an email address.

Free membership. How about the carrot of a free membership to your site in exchange for a sign up to your email newsletter.

Advertisement. This is a trick that the internet marketing experts use. Offer a free ad in your newsletter for businesses who sign up. This is something that you will need to manage though – as you’ll need to record who has which ads in which edition.

Competition/Contest: One sign-up means an entry into a contest to win one of your products or services. If this is enticing enough there is a chance it will go viral. You might want to think about anybody you know who is a popular figure in the community to present the prize. Make it as attractive as possible for the best results.

Put a price on it. Tell your visitors how much their subscription would be if they had to pay for it. People always want to get a good deal or something for nothing. Also add how many people are already subscribed, this will give it some credibility.

If you are already in the process of building your subscriber list – what techniques are you using for conversions?

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