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How To Turn A Site Visitor Into A Return Visitor

If you own your own business, you will be now be aware of the fact that it is lower cost to convert a current client to spend, than it is to seek new clients. Well the same can be said for your website. Why keep chasing new traffic, when you can convert a visitor to become a return and regular visitor. In this post I’m going to take you through 4 points that your visitor will need to experience to be more likely to make a return.

Remember when you meet somebody new offline (yes, maybe that isn’t so common for those people who work from home these days with more limited offline networking experience), there are particular behaviours that will elevate you to a position of respect and vice versa. If the person doesn’t show you these behaviours, they will not necessarily be somebody who you will be keen to meet with again.

A Quality Welcome

When visitors arrive at your site, are they greeted by advertisements, pop-ups and spammy behaviour? This is the top way of scaring off visitors. They need to find a clean, easy to navigate site that looks as though there is potential of finding relevant and useful information or products.


This is where a blog comes in handy or even the opportunity to elect to click on an online chat tool. Welcome your visitors with the opportunity of a conversation through discussions on your blog – or share useful information with them that you know will be of benefit.

Stay in contact

Provide methods of staying in contact, through social media platforms by listing or adding buttons that will connect. This will allow you to connect to your visitor and stay in the conversation with them. Another method may be a subscription option to your blog.

Good manners

It takes a little bit of effort to say ‘thank you’ and display good manners. Without people taking the time to share a comment or to even make a purchase, you would not be the success that you are, so take the time to thank them for it.

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How to Write Utterly Unique Content

With so many businesses out in the marketplace, it is crucial to make a website stand out from the crowd. You need to have something special that the other websites don’t offer in the form of great content. By providing valuable, useful and interesting content that cannot be found elsewhere, you will make your site a sticky place that your visitors will be regularly returning to.

Most online searches are based on information seeking. A searcher wants to find answers to questions that they may have. By providing the right content, they will come across your site.

To be able to provide information on demand in this manner, it is essential to pay attention to keywords. Be creative with your keyword research and use it to generate ideas for content.

Here is what you need to look for when looking through your keywords:

Long Tail and Easy Rankers – try a few keywords for phrases that has virtually no competition. There are still many phrases online that have not yet had sites optimised for them. It is still possible to build up traffic and rankings based on these phrases. If you truly are delivering good content, you will build a readership with return visitors.

Weak spots – there are niche areas in your industry that nobody has really covered very well. Your challenge is to seek them out by searching for obscure topics that you and others will have their interest piqued by. It is an opportunity to be the guru or authority in this niche.

Write questions – typically searchers can write ‘how to xxx’ in their internet searches. By providing answers to the questions of ‘what is….’ or ‘how to….’ you can often net some traffic. Provide videos where possible and extra information that will satisfy their needs in a way that perhaps a site like Yahoo Answers wouldn’t with it’s focus on text answers.

Remember that with a little extra effort, and time spent thinking outside the box, you can deliver content that nobody else has. Get scanning to find these opportunities before the gaps are filled.

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Get Ahead of Competitors by Analysing Their Backlinks

Link building is essential to improve the rankings in the search engine results of any website. But did you know that your competition can give you plenty of information about where you could start in this process and save you time and effort? All that is required is to take a look at their backlinks. For example, by taking an analysis of a website that is popular in your niche industry, you’ll have a better understanding of where you can put your own links, where you can advertise and which forums and sites you should be aware of and participate on.

Here is what you need to study when you take a look at the backlinks of the competition:

How many backlinks?

A good way to understand whether a site is making it’s mark in the online world, can come from how many backlinks they have. If they are really very well established they could have thousands, and it’s time that you seriously started a back link campaign to be in a position to compete. However, not all ranking results are based on how many backlinks a site has, it is also down to optimisation of pages too.

How About Anchor Text?

Using anchor text is the most powerful way to associate a website with a set of keywords. If your competition is not using anchor text strongly enough, then there is a weak spot that you could just infiltrate by ensuring that anchor text campaign is more powerful than theirs.

What Sites Are They Linked To?

With do-follow sites being recommended by the guru’s – many companies put their focus purely on them. However, it is not a natural link building technique and it could be in your favour to diversify your backlinks so that it does appear to Google to be more natural. Images can also bring traffic through, even though they aren’t do-follows.


Having a mix of different domains will also aid with SEO results. Take a look at what your competitors are doing in this area, and you will get a good list that could also help your site improve in traffic and ranking. Natural linking involves a mixture of different sites.

Analysing the backlinks of your competitors can give you a big step up into your niche industry and can save you time. Keeping a close eye on your competition should be a regular practice of your marketing activities.

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New Affiliate Marketing Platform Welcomed by Facebook

We’re only just into 2011 and a very interesting piece of news has emerged in the social media world for affiliate marketers. Zibaba, who are an ecommerce storefront supplier for Facebook – are ready to launch a Facebook-based marketing platform for affiliates.


All set to launch at the end of January 2011, both merchants and affiliates will be charged to take part. The charges will be based on how many ‘Likes’ and ‘how many products’ and will be between $20 and $100 per month.

Affiliates will be able to select products from any of the merchants on Zibaba and will agree to a commission based sales model or a CPA model. As Facebook fan pages perform the role of directing fans off Facebook in order to make purchases, Zibaba will be embedding into the process, a performance marketing model. Purchases can be made from within Facebook using PayPal or at the site of the merchant and still count towards commission.

Just as Clickbank or Commission Junction offer incentives, Zibaba will be there offering this model in addition to making it easy for shoppers to browse the storefronts. A 10% discount on purchases will be offered to those shoppers who ‘Like’ a brand. Examples of Zibaba storefronts (also known as Z-Shops) are Interflora and Deja Vu Cosmetics.

Zibaba has plans to offer a shopping cart that will work across all Z-Shops.

Exciting times in affiliate marketing with closer integration with social as predicted by some affiliates last year. Watch this space for more news on developments.

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