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Keep Solving Problems & Keep Making Income

Solving problems is the bottom line of any business. This is what lies at the bottom of all money making too. The more problems you solve and the bigger they are – the more money you will make. You might be wondering what this has got to do with web marketing. Read on and you’ll see.

Lawyers are very highly paid and the bigger the case and more tricky it is to get out of, the more people will pay the lawyer to deal with the problem. The lawyers who make the most money are the lawyers that deal with the biggest problems. The lawyers don’t focus so much on how much money they are going to be making – they are focused on how they are going to solve these problems – and then they can ask for the money.

Let’s apply that to business. The bigger the problems that you solve for people, the more money they will pay you. By using the mindset of what you can do for people in terms of solving their problems, they more money you will make.

Steve Jobs of Apple, his focus is about giving people products that solve problems. He isn’t obsessing about how to get money from people – he is obsessing about solving problems. The result = money.

Apply this mindset to your business. The internet is all about solving problems and questions. Give them what they want – you can get what you want.

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How To Create Your Own Marketing Plan

As with anything in the business world – or even in life actually – it’s essential to have a plan. Without one it’s not easy to make progress. Here I’m going to share with you the essentials of any marketing plan. If you want to get your website seen by thousands of eyes, give it a go.

Key Components of the Marketing Plan

  • craft a set of measurable goals. If you want 500 visitors daily to your site, add this to your plan.
  • Use a variety of marketing channels to reach your prospects, ie Facebook, Twitter, article marketing, search engine marketing
  • measure your progress by installing a metrics tool such as Google Analytics
  • work your plan over 6 – 12 months
  • consider the demographics and the geographics of your niche market
  • add any new products that you want to launch over the next year

Start brainstorming. List every advertising/marketing channel that you feel would reach your niche market. Add specific goals – for example if you want another 20 customers during the month of June, then add this in. Add growth – so that you 50 customers by November.

Now you need to add more detail. How often are you going to post to Twitter to reach your goals? How many new contacts are you going to make in LinkedIn – and what constitutes a quality contact that you could consider a lead?

Building a marketing plan can at times feel overwhelming, but remember to start small and build it as you go. Take on what you can fit into your available hours per week, and record your activities on a spreadsheet. Spending just one hour a day – six days a week will take a business a long way with many new potential clients. How about starting today so that you can begin reaching new customers.

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Backlinks, Keywords and Traffic

One of the fundamentals goals of any website is to gain traffic (otherwise known as website visitors). As part of planning a new site, it is essential to plan how you are going to attract visitors to your site.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo can provide a serious amount of traffic. For example, if one of your keywords attracts 60,000 a month, you would most certainly get a lot of traffic if your site appeared on the first page of the search engine results. 55% of all traffic for a keyword will go to the first site on the page. (Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that you build a site with keywords of 60,000 searches a month if this is your first site!)

Search engines base all their operations on keywords. With the internet being a massive creation of words (with a few images and videos thrown in) it’s essential to build keywords into your website to get it found. These keywords are part of Google’s ranking system to know where to place your site in the search engine results page. There are of course optimal ways to use keywords on any site and page – this is where the SEO Consultancy comes into play.

If you don’t want to pay somebody to do it for you, you can always look up some keywords on tools such as Google keywords tool and can take it from there.
Other ways to affect the ranking of a site are links from other sites, using these same keywords or even just a link. These links are known as backlinks. Traffic can travel through the backlinks in addition to the use of them improving the ranking of a site. It’s also important to gather links from sites of authority such as .edu sites and sites with a high Page Rank.

If you would like to get your site found on Google, then we can help you out. Just contact us today and we will evaluate your site and send you a proposal.

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Use Your Opt-In Email List for Income

There is a saying that for every contact you have on your email list, they are worth $1.00 per month to you in profit. This makes it an attractive practice for many businesses to build their lists. Think of Amazon. They certainly make the most of their email list and regularly send out emails that alert their customers to new products and items that they may well find of interest.

So how can you make money from a list? Here are my tips to keep your list growing and satisfied:

Provide useful information that engages your subscribers. There are several ways to approach this, either you can subscribe users to your blog broadcasts or you can create a new email newsletter for them each week or month. Personally I suggest the former as it is less time consuming. Don’t send out info that is just fluff to fill a white space, you are quite likely to gain yourself some unsubscribes.

Don’t contact them too much. There is nothing worse than being overcontacted by a blog owner. I usually unsubscribe as I don’t like my email box being jammed up with what can be termed as ‘spam’. Take care with the balance of contacting your subscribers but not too much.

Keep building your list. Over time people will leave your list – but just keep building it up. You can often find people to take part in joint ventures with who will provide you with access to their list in exchange for access to yours.

Promotional messages. Again, these cannot be overdone, but they still need to be done. Try to find products that really will appeal and help to your customers.
By putting these ideas into action, you should be able to make a profit from the time spent on building your email list. If you have anything to add, please comment below.

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