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Linking Offline Business with the Online World

Google recently integrated a few of their business services into the new and improved Google Local Business Search; and they’ve given it a new name – Google Places.

Google Places allows bricks and mortar business owners to add their business location to Google Maps. This will typically be shown in Google searches when relevant to the searched terms “pubs in Manchester” for example.

A number of advantages are immediately obvious when using Google Places. Businesses can quickly gain a page 1 search result with much less optimisation work. This means traditional businesses don’t have to be SEO whiz kids to start generating a few leads.

Business Owners are given a Google Places control centre where they can add a detailed description of their business; they can add opening times, photographs, directions, videos and much more. This all helps to turn leads into customers. Business owners are able to monitor, with ease, the keywords that are working for them and are driving traffic to their website. Finally, Google Places allows searches to provide reviews of your establishment and testimonials.

An interesting feature currently being rolled out is a customised QR code. A QR code is similar to a barcode – most modern day Smartphones are able to read these. When a picture of the QR code is taken and read by a Smartphone, the user will be taken directly to the businesses website. This can be useful when added to things like business cards and advertisements.

Google Places is a great service. It’s fast and easy to get started and the results are worth the effort.

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E-Marketing Professionals

Over the last couple of years, the influence of E-marketing in the E-commerce world has increased by tenfold. People refer to practitioners of E-marketing as ‘Internet Marketers’.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) professionals use keywords to bring their customers’ websites to the top of search engines. SMO (Social Media Optimization) professionals use social networking sites to start low-cost advertising campaigns for their clients.

SEO professionals select a pool of keywords to use on their clients’ website. Marketers study search terms and search trends and fine-tune web pages, so they appear at the top of the list, in order to draw in new customers. Professionals may study the keywords used in the websites of competitors and create ‘puppet’ Blogs and websites that can be used to build taffic to products and services. For example, if an SEO expert noticed that a competitor’s website was grabbing more visitors than his client’s site, they could create a puppet blog that compared their client’s products and their opponent’s products to favour the former.

SMO professionals use the power of EWoM (E Word-of-Mouth) to generate buzz for their customer’s product. For example, they send out Tweets on Twitter to defined demographics of individuals, and ask the Tweeters to respond to their message and send word to their other friends. They may also create accounts for their customer’s product on Facebook, and use it to promote and post advertisements on other people’s pages.

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Focusing on a Niche

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for internet marketers to sell products online without the hassle of stocking inventory, handling customer service and shipping items. Many online retailers such as use affiliates to drive business to their websites in return for paying them a commission. Affiliate marketing may seem simple in theory but it can be tricky. Here are a few tips to become successful.

Finding products to sell is easy. Besides Amazon, websites such as Commission Junction list thousands of online retailers who are looking for affiliates to help sell their products. Generally an affiliate will sign up with a company and add a banner or text link to their website advertising the retailer’s products. This may seem simple enough but there is more to it than that. The most important step is focusing on a niche.

To be even more successful try narrowing down your niche even more by creating a website or blog around a specific product instead of a category. For example, if you find a store online that specialises in swimming suits for plus size women you can build a blog around that very topic. Since this niche is much smaller you will get less traffic. However, the traffic that you do get will be very targeted meaning you are more likely to make sales.

You might say that there is an art to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. In addition to finding your niche and building a website or blog around it you will need to learn how to get traffic to your site. Luckily there are many resources online that teach you just that, and once you get the hang of affiliate marketing you can duplicate your methods to build a terrific income online.

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