Create Income Directly From Your Website

If there is anybody who is the ambassador of making money from a website – it has to be John Chow of He took his website from £0 to £30k a month in a matter of months. Investing time in a website should be in your financial favour just as long as you take advantage of the different ways that you can use your site to make you profits.

Advertising: Sites such as or can pay you in exchange for advertising space on your site. They will match relevant private advertisers with your content to bring your a profit, and hopefully new clients for the advertisers. Other sites you might want to try out are and Your main focus should be on providing value and benefit for your advertisers, not about getting their money. You will need to provide quality leads to retain your advertisers and their income.

Other advertising opportunities can be found at or even who can manage the billing, rotation and payments for your ad spots.

Membership site: If you are in a position to provide access to people or to content that cannot be found elsewhere on line, you should be charging for it. Welcome to the world of online membership sites. Http:// makes a mint everymonth from their membership site.

Affiliate products: Many site owners write review blog posts for merchants. Another way to make money from affiliate products is to advertise them in your own ad spots, so that visitors will click through to the merchants sales page.

Next steps. Browse through your site and consider potential ad space. To make the most of online revenue opportunities – be savvy and take action that will help you reach your financial goals.