About Us


Bludelta pride themselves on delivering fresh designs for search engine friendly websites and the services that go with effective online promotion and marketing. And why do we pride ourselves in our work? Well it starts here:

Innovation, creativity and passion for web design

We work with all our clients to determine what style of website is most suited to the results that they are looking for. Our sites range from online store solutions that provide a customer experience to flash based sites to the simplified brochure style that is all about communication. We’ve got years of experience in designing web sites. This allows us to move faster in development but with the same high quality as it’s now become second nature to us – we pass the savings onto our clients.

SEO Expertise

Effective search engine marketing can result in increased brand awareness, web visitors and sales. We help many clients achieve elevated search engine results that bring in more leads and enquiries. Not only that, we stay on top of the any new developments that we can use to help your business stay ahead of the pack.
Our value is second to none

Bludelta provides high-value expertise for clients who want to communicate, market and sell more effectively and competitively. We understand that sometimes it’s not possible to pay all the costs of development upfront, so we will ask you for a deposit and the rest of the payment can be made when you are satisfied with the finished product.

We build online relationships

Not only do we base our designs so that they will support relationship building with your clients, but we want to build a lasting relationship with you. This way, you will have somebody who understands your business and your site on hand to help out with any issues or changes that you might want to make in the future.
We watch for improvements and developments on your behalf

Bludelta are keen to keep their knowledge of modern developments up to date. If we see new ways that your business can benefit from alternative approaches or improvements – we will let you know what these are so that you have a choice in how your site works and looks – and all for the better.

We are based in Manchester but work globally

Even though many of our clients are located in and around Manchester, we work for clients from all over the planet to provide them with their website and online marketing services. If you are located close to our offices, you can drop by to discuss what might be possible for your business online, otherwise we can use a variety of communication channels to work with you. We regularly monitor emails so that you won’t have to wait for very long before your request is attended to.

We communicate simply and effectively

Communication is important to us. We know that you need to get regular and consistent communication to stay in the know with where we are with your project – after all your business is dependent on this. We also communicate on a level that suits you – we won’t give you ‘geek speak’ about technological issues – we’ll communicate in a way that is clear and concise so that you know what we mean. We’ll also give you a hand if you need to know more about anything to do with online marketing and are keen to educate our clients as we go.