Get the Best ROI on Your Offline Marketing Printing With These Tips

Marketing an online business does not have to be limited to using purely online marketing methods. There is the whole world of offline marketing aids to explore too. The use of business cards, flyers and postcards should not be ignored and are in fact should be part of every marketing model. Here are some ways that you can use these methods to get the most bang for your buck.

Distribution Plan – ensure that your plan for distribution of printed material is cheap or at best free. Insert your materials into packages or post, hand them out at industry events or find a friend who will allow you to distrubute them from their store or shop.

Eye catching – ensure that your flyers catch the attention of your market. You want the reader to connect and remember your design and message.

Compelling Headline – just as with any of your advertising material, you need to use a compelling headline that will make the reader want to know more and encourage them to read the rest. Ensure that you add all contact information to the flyer or brochure including and most importantly your URL. If you use a tracking URL you will be able to record and track visits that your flyer initiated.

Call to Action – again, this is an essential of any ad copy. Tell your customers what to do, to go to your website NOW or to call you NOW. You don’t want people putting the flyer to oneside without calling you first otherwise you are not likely to hear from them again.

Promotional – give incentives to bribe visitors to come to your site or to join your mailing list. Free ebooks work a treat, add this to your flyer. Money-off coupons can work well too.

Don’t order bulk – wait to see if your ad is going to work well before you start spending out on it. As with all adveritising, you may need to even do A/B testing on it.

Use the above tips and you will gain a better return on investment for your offline marketing materials and be sure to brainstorm ideas for distribution of your printed materials.